Monthly Archives: December 2011

Here’s to days doing the opposite of what you planned


Instead of studying for my ochem final I ended up watching The Bells of Saint Mary with my mom after her colonoscopy, curled up with my favorite dogs! It was a great day! Productive? Eh, not really, but it is definitely needed 🙂 So my hard work paid off and I passed my lastest ochem test now I am not as stressed about the final this Monday, but I still have to hit the books tomorrow night…Looking forward to this Christmas, now that I older I really appreciate the presents less and the loved ones that I surround myself with more and all the hidden magic that the holidays bring! Doing my best to slow things down this year! Short passage tonight, but I will leave you with a cute christmas song!



I am lost


I seemingly am lost today…I don’t know what is happening. I can’t find my motivation, my eyes won’t stay open and the worse thing is this: I can’t find my little umbrella to use against this crazy Denton wind with a little sprinkle so had to bring out my gigantic umbrella that is super wind sensitive and I have misplaced my PLANNER….That planner had personal stuff in it so I have been freaking out all last night and today 😦 I never ever ever lose things like this. Yes an occasional sock every year or so, but not things I carry with me everyday. Ugh, this is a rough Monday. I’m also learning that blogging is difficult with a full schedule, but I am determined to keep it up! So thanks for your patience! On a lighter note I have 2 more weeks of my fall semester! Yes finals will be awful but I’m almost to that break from school! I’m looking forward to doing some crafts, Christmas movies and light seeing, and just being able to breathe an looking forward to my adventure to Costa Rica this January! I cannot wait! I’ll be going to Limon to volunteer at a sloth sanctuary for 2 glorious weeks!! My best friend has arrived to study for our microbiology final so until next time!!Sloths!!