Organic Chemistry Migraine


…where has my brain gone, lately I feel like a 105 year old woman. I have never ever been so frustrated 😦 I love learning languages, but the language of this class is just not for. For the first time since I became a Biology major I have started rethinking my choice this week due to a test I have Friday over 4 Chapters…when I am still dwelling on the last chapters we were tested on. School is hard and when I can’t seem to do well there then oh my gosh my life seems to make no sense. I just want to enjoy things and haven’t this semester. I t makes me sad, I cannot wait till December 16 @ 10:00 and my semester will finally be over and hopefully I will have accomplished my goal of passing OCHEM with what I need for vet school, if not then AHHHHH I may have to push my graduation back and that cannot happen. Oh uncertainty…yet at the same time so many wonderful things are happening outside of school: it’s Christmas time!!! I will be decorating on Friday after my test!! It is my first Christmas in an apartment so I am doing lights, wreaths, poinsettas, the works!!! I cannot wait to take pictures so Tyler and I can remember it always 😀 well enough of my ranting, I just have to relax or I will end up taking days off my life by worrying about something that I shouldn’t give another thought about!! Goodnight ❤ my goal is for more insightful posts as soon as I can get away from this class!!!


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