O Grandpa


This has been an amazing trip this year! I heard my 90-year-old grandpa sing for the first time (hank williams at that), he told wonderful stories of travel, war, and his “old bird dogs”, and gave me some new sayings (“My memory is as long as my finger!” and “The more you mess with a turd the shittier you get!”). And I did not have to see my blood sucking uncle 😀 which is so perfect! One down side is that the elephant sanctuary that I had hoped to visit on the way home is not open to the public…sad day. I have been wanting to go there for forever, maybe some other time if I get time to volunteer or something! Also I have found a new passion to undertake, I will explain: Maggie my miniature dachshund came along for our trip as you know and I brought her with me every time we visited my grandpa in the nursing home where he is staying, and o how I love the smile she brought to all the faces of the residents she came in contact with!! They love something soft and innocent that will always give kisses and show them love, and how my grandpa and Maggie bonded! He misses his pets so much, we hate to leave him and have tried and tried to get him to move to Texas, but my uncle has him thinking that he is too old to do anything and that he is stuck in that crappy home…its quite a dilemma. I think I will end the post here, but more to come tomorrow night when I will be back home in Texas!

Best friends after he snuck her cheese burger and chocolate milk... <333


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