Travelling log


Woo…today has been long. Finished up our 12 hour trip up to Kentucky and I always feel so calm up here in the foggy, grey, country side with the ever so slightly chill held by the wind. The only thing that would make this trip perfect is if Tyler was here, I miss him so much! I always tell myself I won’t but I always fail not too! I had feared this day would go horribly wrong because we brought Maggie along for the very first time anywhere further than 10 minutes away, but she has done amazing: she rests in the car, hides when we sneak her into hotels, and is quiet when she visits my gpa in the nursing home. A little side note…for years we have been trying to get my grandpa down to Texas to live with us, because the only person he has up here is the nut on our family tree, my uncle butch, which I now do not consider to be a part of my family. Yes, it’s that bad and if you have relatives like this you understand well I can imagine. Luckily, (yet this will sound bad, don’t judge me) he was in a car wreck and is a bit immobile at the moment and stuck in another town so we should not see him this trip which will be awesome! It’s a mess…my fingers are crossed though that we will get through to gpa this trip or this year even! I hate seeing his face when we have to go back to Texas without him.

On to willy wonka & the chocolate factory, pizza, and scrabble with the family!!! And here is a little part of my latest music obsession Jillian Edwards is amazing!!

She is being such a trooper!!!


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