A’ha Moment


I have a theme!!! My life at this moment is crazy, why you ask? I am a junior at my university and my ultimate goal is to have a career as a DVM and doing something with conservation of wild animals. So what better way to share my crazy experiences as a biology major and volunteer than this site!! I am ecstatic.

Today I leave for Ky with my mom, dad and little brother and this year I finally get to take one of my dogs along. Her name is Maggie and she is my 3-year-old miniature dachshund that had to have back surgery this summer. She is coming along so that our pet sitter does not have to express her bladder. Not that it is hard but it is quite a job. We have to make her go every time her bladder fills so its a full-time job, but she is so worth it! Hopefully on our way back from KY we will be stopping by the Hohenwald, Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary  I have been dying to go here and would love to share it with you all!!

Maggie and Daisy watching for the enemy!


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