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Organic Chemistry Migraine


…where has my brain gone, lately I feel like a 105 year old woman. I have never ever been so frustrated ūüė¶ I love learning languages, but the language of this class is just not for. For the first time since I became a Biology major I have started rethinking my choice this week due to a test I have Friday over 4 Chapters…when I am still dwelling on the last chapters we were tested on. School is hard and when I can’t seem to do well there then oh my gosh my life seems to make no sense. I just want to enjoy things and haven’t this semester. I t makes me sad, I cannot wait till December 16 @ 10:00 and my semester will finally be over and hopefully I will have accomplished my goal of passing OCHEM¬†with what I need for vet school, if not then AHHHHH¬†I may have to push my graduation back and that cannot happen. Oh uncertainty…yet at the same time so many wonderful things are happening outside of school: it’s Christmas time!!! I will be decorating on Friday after my test!! It is my first Christmas in an apartment so I am doing lights, wreaths, poinsettas, the works!!! I cannot wait to take pictures so Tyler and I can remember it always ūüėÄ well enough of my ranting, I just have to relax or I will end up taking days off my life by worrying about something that I shouldn’t give another thought about!! Goodnight ‚̧ my goal is for more insightful posts as soon as I can get away from this class!!!


O Grandpa


This has been an amazing trip this year! I heard my 90-year-old¬†grandpa sing for the first time (hank williams¬†at that), he told wonderful stories of travel, war, and his “old bird dogs”, and gave me some new sayings (“My memory is as long as my finger!” and “The more you mess with a turd the shittier¬†you get!”). And I did not have to see my blood sucking uncle ūüėÄ which is so perfect! One down side is that the elephant sanctuary that I had hoped to visit on the way home is not open to the public…sad day. I have been wanting to go there for forever, maybe some other time if I get time to volunteer or something! Also¬†I have found a new passion to undertake, I will explain: Maggie my miniature dachshund came along for our trip as you know and I brought her with me every time we visited my grandpa in the nursing home where he is staying, and o how I love the smile she brought to all the faces of¬†the residents she came in contact with!! They love something soft and innocent that will always give kisses and show them love, and how my grandpa and Maggie bonded! He misses his pets so much, we hate to leave him and have tried and tried to get him to move to Texas, but my uncle has him thinking that he is too old to do anything and that he is stuck in that crappy home…its quite a dilemma. I think I will end the post here, but more to come tomorrow night when I will be back home in Texas!

Best friends after he snuck her cheese burger and chocolate milk... <333

Travelling log


Woo…today has been long. Finished up our 12 hour trip up to Kentucky and I always feel so calm up here in the foggy, grey, country side with the ever so slightly chill held by the wind. The only thing that would make this trip perfect is if Tyler was here, I miss him so much! I always tell myself I won’t but I always fail not too! I had feared this day would go horribly wrong because we brought Maggie along for the very first time anywhere further than 10 minutes away, but she has done amazing: she rests in the car, hides when we sneak her into hotels, and is quiet when she visits my gpa in the nursing home. A little side note…for years we have been trying to get my grandpa down to Texas to live with us, because the only person he has up here is the nut on our family tree, my uncle butch, which I now do not consider to be a part of my family. Yes, it’s that bad and if you have relatives like this you understand well I can imagine. Luckily, (yet this will sound bad, don’t judge me) he was in a car wreck and is a bit immobile at the moment and stuck in another town so we should not see him this trip which will be awesome! It’s a mess…my fingers are crossed though that we will get through to gpa this trip or this year even! I hate seeing his face when we have to go back to Texas without him.

On to willy wonka & the chocolate factory, pizza, and scrabble with the family!!! And here is a little part of my latest music obsession Jillian Edwards is amazing!!

She is being such a trooper!!!

A’ha Moment


I have a theme!!! My life at this moment is crazy, why you ask? I am a junior at my university and my ultimate goal is to have a career as a DVM and doing something with conservation of wild animals. So what better way to share my crazy experiences as a biology major and volunteer than this site!! I am ecstatic.

Today I leave for Ky with my mom, dad and little brother and this year I finally get to take one of my dogs along. Her name is Maggie and she is my 3-year-old miniature dachshund that had to have back surgery this summer. She is coming along so that our pet sitter does not have to express her bladder. Not that it is hard but it is quite a job. We have to make her go every time her bladder fills so its a full-time job, but she is so worth it! Hopefully on our way back from KY we will be stopping by the Hohenwald, Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary  I have been dying to go here and would love to share it with you all!!

Maggie and Daisy watching for the enemy!

First Post…No Pressure


So I am officially beginning this new endeavor here on wordpress! This blog does have a purpose, maybe not a set theme, but a purpose. I have always wanted to put things down somewhere (besides facebook and a diary) so this is the perfect place to share my world through pics, links, and I am sure other things that I am unaware of yet since I am such a nube but I will catch on quickly I hope! Perfect timing too right before my uearly trip to Kentucky for our big Thanksgiving getaway to see my grandpa (who just turned 90!).

More to come soon!

A perfect night with the one I love awaits!